Angolan Operations 

AST is engaged in designing and procuring mining sector related kit & equipment, as well as advising on and managing projects for clients:

AST assesses the fundamental requirements of client's mining projects and takes a systematic approach in designing and building “off site” in a pre-planned format for ease of transport, installation and operation. The plant is designed to be robust and enduring. The operation is quantifiable off-plan, and scalable to accommodate growth. AST provides and manages plant built around the newest proven technologies in the market. This significantly increases recoveries, whilst reducing operational costs; for example: staffing numbers are reduced, security increased and environmental impact reduced.

The benefit of AST’s unique approach is that:

  1. Pre-assembly and testing of all structures, equipment, piping and electrics eliminates on-site erection difficulties
  2. Simplified and quick overall construction time, that ensures reliable operation on commissioning
  3. Replacements and maintenance are simplified
  4. Ideal for remote sites with minimal infrastructure
  5. Easy to transport, re-erect, operate and maintain
  6. Wear and corrosion resistant construction materials
  7. Low maintenance components
  8. Low impact on the environment
  9. Minimal rehabilitation of the site required post mining operations