AST is licensed by the patent holder for a technology that retrofits retractable rail wheels to trucks. This allows a wide range of road going trucks to drive on the road, to quickly mount a rail line and drive normally on the railways, utilising the trucks normal gears and breaking systems.

RRVs are widely used to assist in delivering a wide variety of maintenance services essential to maintaining the "permanent way" on the railways - for example: Maintenance of rail – surveying and track inspection, delivery of men and materials (rail, sleepers, ballast, fencing, wires, etc) from depot yard to track side delivery of replacement rail track.

Railpro currently has 20 Tata 1518 variants working under Bidvest for Transnet (the South African rail authority) and on the Maputo rail corridor, being operated by Transnet Middelburg depot.

What makes us different?

Unlike any other RRV in the marketplace Railpro have a patented system, “DSDS™” (direct shaft drive system) where uniquely the engine power is transmitted through the gearbox as per normal road use, where a transfer box is located between the gearbox and the truck differential. This is used to divert power via a conventional drive shaft directly through to the rear rail axle.

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