Loza Radar

Loza Radar is a dynamic and innovative Ground Surveying Exploration Company, using industry leading geophysical technologies, which are at the cutting edge of Electromagnetic engineering. AST has a strong working partnership with Loza Radar's management, acting as agent especially for clients in the aggregate market.

What is Loza?

Loza Radar is a ground-scanning EM radar device, which verifies and investigates the presence of mineral resources and geological features, with unrivalled clarity and speed up to a depth of over 100m and is used to scan for the presence of (a) alluvial horizons that may contain sand and gravels (b) bedrock contact. Existing ground penetrating radar technologies traditionally penetrate to 25 meters in conductive conditions. The Radar is consistently effective to depths of up to 100m+ in a diverse range of environments.


Loza Radar entered the market focused on the mining sector and launched in Africa over 4 years ago since then the company has grown considerably. The team has a large amount of experience with blue chip companies like Debeers on resources such as sand & gravel delineation and also coal, iron ore, copper, kimberlites, laterites, water and void detection.

For more information see: www.lozaradar.com