Diamond Recovery Barges (“DRB”)

  • Diamond Recovery Barges are designed and built by AST for use on inland water ways to act as floating platforms in support of alluvial diamond recovery operations.

  • The 37 m2 platform is bolted onto two pontoons each weighing 2.6 tons. The pontoons are fabricated from 5mm steel plate, coated in one layer of marine guard undercoat and two layers of marine cover paint.  The complete barge has a total weight of 8.2 tons, and is able to take payloads of up to 15 tons.

  • Ergonomically shaped pontoon “cones” are the fuel tanks for the barge, each cone capable of holding 1,350 litres of fuel, allowing the barge to operate autonomously for extended periods time.

  • The barge is powered by two 90 Hp two stroke outboard motors fitted with power propellers. The barge is fitted with a hydraulic assisted steering mechanism.

  • The barge is designed to be easily transportable. The complete barge can be transported in 1 x 40” high volume container.  Access to remote locations is greatly simplified by the modular design.

  • Final assembly requires no welding, just simply bolting down the beams and slats to join the two pontoons together, the hand rails and canopy support fit into the designated slots on the deck. The canvas roof is then pulled into place and tied down.  With the motors bolted on, the plywood floor panels dropped into place, the barge is ready to be pushed onto the waterway.

AST can supply the following equipment

  • Gravel pumps with pump capacities ranging from 50m2 up to 700m2 per hour

  • On board classifiers

  • HDPE pipe from 100mm ID to 500m ID with custom designed floats allowing for the recovery of the diamondiferous gravels to be delivered directly to the land based diamond recovery plants

  • Diesel generators ranging in size from 20KVA up to 1 MVA

  • Diving equipment, Dive compressors

  • Service Boats

  • River bottom sonar profiling

  • Fuel Bowsers

  • DPP (Diamond Processing Plants)

  • Auto Sorting (diamond X-ray treatment plants)

  • Modular housing

  • Commercial diesel filtration systems , from inline engine water separator/filters,  to modular diesel filter plants capable of filtering total on-mine storage depots

Pumping Capacity

  • 12/10” Pump:  800 m3 /hr at 60% solids (480 tph.)
  • 10/8” Pump:    350 m3 /hr at 60% solids (210 tph.)
  • Down to 50 tph. 


Platform: 6.00m x 6.15m. 36.90m2 (397ft2)

Roof:         8.20m x 8.20m. 67.24m2 (724ft2)

Platform to roof clearance: 3.00m

Complete barge fits in 1 x 40” container

Total Mass & Payload

Each Pontoon mass : 2.7 tonnes

Complete Barge mass: 8.2 tonnes

Payload:  7 to 12 tonnes

Barge Water Clearance

No load: 750 mm

Loaded: 500 mm

Power:  2 x 90 HP Outboards 

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